Young Ones_

The Young Ones identity champions “Young,” embracing the spirit and irreverence often associated with youth. While most identities rely on a single type family, our visual language—our seemingly infinite typographic palette—celebrates the diversity of our audience. The design system is a playground for experimentation and discovery, rooted in principles that encourage creative risk-taking.

Client: The One Club for Creativity / Teagan Rabuano & Jenna Brandvold. Team: Kevin Brainard and Lindsey Chizever. Collaborators: Daniel Brokstad, Chiachi Chao, Dinamo, Ecal, Emigre Fonts, Anthony Gagliardi, Grilli Type, Amira Lin, Jangs Muller Type Foundry, Leah Maldonado, Dávid Molnár, Giovanni Ostaus, Derril Sellers, Studio io, and Wax Studios.