Martha Stewart Living_

Partnered with Editor-in-Chief Pilar Guzman, Executive Creative Director Eric Pike, and the editorial staff to restructure the content of the twenty three-year-old flagship publication. We worked closely with Martha and the team to develop the strategy, editorial structure, and story concepts. We art directed and designed the relaunch issue, consulted on the digital brand extension, and staffed the art department.

AdAge called our redesign: “…masterful—a renaissance of magazine-making with stunning photography.”

Client: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia / Pilar Guzman, Eric Pike, and Martha Stewart. Team: Kevin Brainard, Cybele Grandjean, Jenn McManus, and Jaspal Riyait. Collaborators: Matthew Axe, Katherine Field, Judy Glasser, Cindi Lee. Photography: Dan Burn-Forti, Jennifer Causey, Jamie Chung, Aaron Dyer, Nicole Franzen, Randy Harris, Gabriela Herman, Laurie Jolley, John Kernick, Naho Kubota, Ryan Liebe, David Malosh, Marcus Nilsson, Peden + Munk, Maria Robledo, Julia Sohn, and Romulo Yanes. Illustration: Brown Bird Design, Leif Parsons, and Julia Rothman.