Beauty Book_

We partnered with Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh to design The Beauty Book. Sagmiester & Walsh turn to philosophy, history, and science to explore what beauty is and how it influences the way we feel and behave. The publication was created to coincide with the traveling exhibition Sagmiester & Walsh: Beauty.

Client: Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh / Sagmeister & Walsh. Team: Kevin Brainard, Cybele Grandjean, and Tala Safié. Collaborators: Sara Bader, Daniel Brokstad, Chaz Capobianco, Erica Grubman, David McLeod, Joao Mota, Megan Oldfield, Matteo Giuseppe Pani, Fran Rossi, Gosbinda Vizarretea, Elaine Ward, and Chen Yu.