Avex Group is a Japanese entertainment conglomerate that represents hundreds of artists and athletes. Beside J-pop talent and internet sensations, the company has expanded into anime, video games, live music, sporting events, restaurants, and retail. As Avex sought to enter the American market, there was a strategic need for a new, more contemporary identity that reflected the diversity of Avex’s initiatives and holdings. The expressive identity responds to the strategy “Mad & Pure” and leverages the Avex “a” to reflect the energy of Avex and its assets. Our identity proposal included an app that creates and captures an infinite number of brand marks in real time.

Client: Red Peak / Avex. Design: Kevin Brainard. Collaborators: Stewart Devlin; Aya Kawabata; SVEN ZWEI: Thomas Prellwitz + Sandra Kleinwechter; Lingxiao Tan; Jason McCann; Trollbäck+Company; and Hee Je Wi.