Avex Group is a Japanese entertainment conglomerate with hundreds of artists and athletes signed under the parent company and its sub-labels. Beside J-pop talent and internet sensations, the company has expanded into anime, video games, live music and sporting events, restaurants, and retail. As the company sought to expand there was a strategic need for a new, more contemporary identity that reflects Avex’s diverse initiatives and holdings. The expressive identity responds to the strategy “Made & Pure” and leverages the Avex “a” to reflect the energy of its artists, athletes, and sub-brands. Our proposal included an app prototype developed to create and capture an infinite number of brand marks in real time.

Client: Red Peak / Avex. Design: Kevin Brainard. Collaborators: Stewart Devlin; Aya Kawabata; SVEN ZWEI: Thomas Prellwitz + Sandra Kleinwechter; Lingxiao Tan; Jason McCann; Trollbäck+Company; and Hee Je Wi.